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Chekaad in cooperation with the best architects and interior designers, has a complete understanding of the needs of families and customers, and with the understanding of the value of every centimeter of space, offers beautiful and practical designs for home interior decoration and kitchen cabinets that will never go out of fashion.

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Our expertise is at your service to be with you in the design, production and installation of kitchen cabinets and interior decoration based on more than 10 years of experience in the labor market. We are with families to design a unique home and kitchen cabinet and we help manufacturers for better sales.

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Chekad Interior Design Group started its professional activity in 2018 with the benefit of skilled manpower in the field of architecture and interior decoration design, accompanied by experienced designers, engineers and experienced technicians.​​​​​​


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chekaad interior design group


Tehran Province, Tehran, Number 7/1, 6Th North St, 5Th Sheydayi St, Sazman Ab St, Abali Road, Iran

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